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                                                   Content Reigns Entertainment                                                                WELCOME!  Your affiliated network, studio, capital investments company has been invited

                          A Socially Conscious Entertainment Company                                                                                                 to a private executive screening of the sports-themed animated TV series, "The Dawghouse."





Mort Drucker

Former Keyline Cartoonist

Iconic Mad Magazine Artist




Pidge Jobst

Created by, Written by,

and Tooned by




Actor Eliza Jane Schneider

"Woman of 1000 Voices"

Character Voice for RUBY




Actor, Former NFL Tackle

Matt Willig

Character Voice for MOOSE



​   The​​   Dawghouse

           — Created & tooned by Pidge Jobst


—Narration by Eliza Jane Schneider (RUBY) and Nathan Novero

  Music by
  Jussi Tegelman
     & Jeff Silbar​

("Batman vs Superman Movie", "The Smurfs", "Cloudy with

 a Chance of Meatballs" Jumanji", "Oz the Great and Powerful", "Spiderman II & III", Hurt Locker) 

—Stadium Scenes by "Mad Magazine"                    artist, Mort Drucker

​  B.C.—​Since the Stone Ages, man has been exiled into the deep recesses of his man cave for every sordid husbandry shortcoming reason, both imaginable  and unimaginable.
Now, 3.9 million years later, comes an Al Bundy meets "Real Housewives  
of Orange County" in "Mad Magazine"-style TV show about man’s obsession with sports and a woman’s inalienable right to toss him into "THE DAWGHOUSE."

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