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SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT is a proven multi-billion dollar a year

industry, worldwide; comprised of sports legends and heroes, sports

networks and channels, a host of sports magazines, and stadiums

filled with a sea of ecstatic fans across the globe. Additionally, over

40% of all television and webcast programming is dedicated to sports.

While “live-action” sports continues to rack up viewers and sponsors, a sport animated series version has yet to be explored.

Imminent Success


... based on a proven presold franchise — "Live-Action" Sports 


Television sports entertainment is the fastest growing programming on TV today. Audiences cannot get enough sports, and entertainment conglomerates are taking notice. Disney now enjoys an additional 6.1 billion in annual affiliate fees alone since their procurement of ESPN. Additionally, over 20-billion is spent each year by sports fanatics, who, like our lead protagonist in the show bet on sports. We feel the success probability of a sports animation like The Dawghouse is imminent, as it will be penetrating an already existing and proven sports-dominated marketplace. Additionally, animated programs such as Fox's  "The Simpsons” and "Family Guy” return each year as they continually garner high ratings and audience shares for their network.

According to the GHN Report (Global History Network), worldwide viewing of Super Bowl XLIX between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks reached a whopping 111.5 million people, beating TV “M*A*S*H’s” longstanding 29-year record for the single most viewed final episode of 103 million households set back in 1983. This near insatiable desire for sports programming also led to ratings giants like Monday Night Football... and it keeps growing!



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