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Story Line


                                                                                                    BATTLING COUPLES: 


The Husbands, GUS, BUTCH, DICK, REGGIE and MOOSE, are the "Fab-5." Their Wives, RUBY, JEWEL, DIAMOND, PEARL, and ONYX, are the "Gems." The wives are in frequent conflict with their tawdry husbands, who consistently prioritizes their passion for sports above their domestic chores and family duties. 





Logline: An absurd and dysfunctional family steered by a sports fanatical husband and father who is banished to his backyard dawghouse by his wife and kids for neglecting household duties.



We’ve all been there! It's not just a place, but a "feeling" that you've gone too far or not far enough with your girlfriend, partner, or spouse, and now find yourself in the proverbial "dawghouse."  


Raymond of "Everybody Loves Raymond" was in the dawghouse each and every episode for some marital    oversight. In this animated version, couples live in a land where sports is king, and the dawghouse is a place where our lead and his bro pals are often sent by their sports-widowed wives for a much deserved time out, or at least to think things over. Each week the absurd famly has another problem to solve, usually brought into the household by our lead, Gus. Whether it's struggling  to complete his wife's "Honey-Do List" or dealing with the house cat that hates sports and sabotages the TV, there's always something that stands between Gus and "The Game."





GUS TRAVIS, our lead, is the personification of almost every major sports fan in the country—he talks, watches, lives and breathes professional and collegiate sports. He played one season of pro baseball for

the 1961 New York Yonkers alongside greats Mickey Mandel, Roger Mariff, and Yogi Berrah until a freakish accident ended his career. His fixation on what could of been and his obsession with sports of all sorts has become an unendurable situation for --


RUBY TRAVIS, his sports-widowed wife, who has come to loathe sports for kidnapping her husband 11 months out of the year. ​Nor does the lead's obsession endear him to his three kids, CHEEZ, 11;  TREVOR, 8; and CHIP, 3. The kids are involved in local town soccer sports if for no other reason than the hope their dad will pay some attention to them. When he does, things go awry, ie -- Gus takes his kid’s soccer games way too seriously, as he engages in arguments and fights with other parents, coaches and referees.


PUBLIC ENEMY NO #1. The "Honey Do List"—If there’s one thing a sports fanatic despises, it’s anything that  gets between him and his ability to watch the game. In the Travis household, its Ruby's “Honey Do List.” The HDL is filled with dreaded, game-interrupting weekend chores.


PUBLIC ENEMY NO #2. Ruby's Feisty Kat—ANGEL wears a permanent halo over her head, but the finagling feline is more princess than angelic. Her two word vocabulary is "Miiilk" and "Meh", yet she seems to reek havoc throughout the entire household, not letting the couple reconcile, spitefully adding to the Honey Do List, sabatoging any chance for a family dog, and constantly battling her nemisis—Gus' TV.



Aside from being sports-obsessed, and to his wife's dismay, Gus is severely antiquated. He won’t hang up his 1960’s rotary phone, still fancies his 1959 orange Volkswagen bus, and can’t afford a single kitchen appliance convenience for Ruby -- she has NO microwave, NO refrigerator, NO kitchen dishwasher, NO clothes washer or dryer. Yet, Gus is not without a “Today’s Sports Section” newspaper he's unable to read and an enormous 100 inch widescreen TV to watch the game.


Gus can’t help it he's a sports nut, but he could help around the house a little more.. His sports fanaticism

places him on the house absentee list, propelling him into the dawghouse, literally!  

There's a scanty dawghouse in the backyard and the sports enthusiast spends lots

of nights there having been banished by his neglected spouse.                                                                                  




A major televised sporting event is coming up, and Gus has not only been obsessing about it all week, he's invited his bro-pals to join him in watching the game. In his mind, he imagines a Sunday afternoon of sports-viewing bliss.

Seems doable. Seems simple enough. But life is never that simple. There's always some family event in the way-- He's needed to parent referee the kids' weekend marathon soccer tournament…

      • or called upon to hang streamer decorations for Cheez's unicorn tea party...
      • or assigned as a way-in-over-his head tutor for Trevor with his calculus homework…
      • or maybe he needs to repair the leaking roof, with a big storm on the way...
      • or he’s promised Ruby a weekend getaway…

 ... but all Gus wants to do is watch The Game.



No matter what sporting event Gus wants to watch, there's always a conflict. Gus’ choices determine what kind of person he is -- is he a good husband, father and family man? Or is he a self-centered, neglectful, and obsessed sports nut?​ These choices are at the center of “The Dawghouse.”



​The sports fanaticism of our lead, and the insane lengths to which he will go to watch his game at the expense of everyone and everything around him. His priorities are all screwed up and he will need to get

them seriously adjusted before the end of the episode, or soon, he’ll will end up spending another night

in the dawghouse.  

               "The FAB"                                                              "The GEMS"


      Copyright 2003-2023 "Dawghouse Art" by Pidge Jobst, All Rights Reserved. 

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