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"It all takes place in Bakersfield."  Gus Travis, his wife Ruby, and their three dysfunctional children, Cheez, Trevor, and Chip live on the outskirts of town in a place known as Bakersfield. Our sports-crazed fan and his family account for a quintessential slice of American sardine house living, except for one thing

                                                              … they live in a Trailer Park. 

Everything was peaceful in Bakersfield, until the colossal building of a white mansion across the street. Why build next to Gus’ precious trailer? Are they developing Sandal Ct. and tearing down Gus' beloved trailer home?

   As the palace undergoes construction, newly married and billionaire couple, Dick and Diamond Armstrong, ready themselves     to move into the neighborhood.


    DICK & DIAMOND ARMSTRONG  were an unlikely

pair to wed. People know little about them. But what they do 

know, they aren’t saying because everyone wants invited to the 

Armstrong’s yearly socialite party. Their mansion home is virtually made of all glass and diamonds. Outside is a 12-car garage, fully stocked with Bentleys, BMWs and plenty of Rolls Royce. Yet no one knows how they make their money. In some   ways it’s respectable they don’t brag. On the other hand, they could be hiding something.

Diamond is the blonde diva of the Gems. She’s ultra sweet, but she could give you a toothache. The sheer size of her walk-in   closet is intimidating and the ring on her finger is nothing less than a colossal karat. That’s because Dick is a billionaire. But is he rich to compensate for his short 5’ 4” height and hair piece? Or is he hiding an E=MC² brain beneath that awful toupee? No doubt  he landed the tall beauty queen because of his bottomless bank account. Bottom line—it’s loaded with zeros.

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