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Q & A: 



What is the Show Formula?


The cartoon series was founded on three notable topic areas that take into account the lives of the majority of Americans

as well as people worldwide, affording the series wide audience appeal:


•  Battling Couples, and Husband & Wife Rivalry

    … everyone in America is in a relationship, out of one, or is trying to get back into one.


•  Sports

    … everyone has played sports on the field (or court) during school, or watched those who did.

         Now they watch their kids from the sidelines and wish to play again. Sports is a typical and

         guaranteed topic of conversation at 90% of all dinner tables across America.


•  Middle Class Working America

    … everyone in America works, or worse, is unemployed and know they should be working.



What is the Target Audience?


Demographics: Primary Male, 18-49     Secondary, Female 23-49


The Dawghouse animation’s primary target audience is male, ages 18-49. The program also intends to target a secondary audience of females, 23-49 with its soap style, husbands vs. wife story progression. The show will target with its theme and story line both “sports men and sports widows”: a combination audience and demographic that watches the Olympics, Monday Night Football, and Hollywood Housewives.



Will there be Sports in every episode?


No, yet the series has a backdrop of sports and takes place in a world where sports is king; much like our own.

Episodes vary in content and stories follows current trends and controversy.


What happens to the lead character during “the Game?”


Gus has a propensity to fall asleep during commercial breaks while viewing his games. When he does, he is instantly transported to the stadium or locker room as a player. Wow! Now he gets to play, interject his own rules into the game, and face-off with the referee now and then like we’d all love to. Consequently, he either brings the team to a quick victory, or as in some cases, a devastating loss. With this format, we get to watch the games while keeping the story on Gus.



Who are the Main Characters and does the show have a Central Family?


GUS TRAVIS is our lead, husband, father, and a diehard sports fanatic. RUBY TRAVIS is his sports-widowed wife. TREVOR is the couple’s emotive, menacing teenager. CHEEZ is their precocious, trendy teenage daughter, and CHIP is their ball-mesmerized, youngest son. Together they make up the central family contained within our series.



What is the current Script Status?


Currently, there are (2) completed teleplay scripts:

(i) Pilot -- “TV Repairman”,

(ii) 2nd episode -- “Gus Get’s a Garmin”,

… along with show arc and eleven epi synopses.


Additionally, the pilot script received a “Table Read” and included the contribution efforts of seven of L.A.’s funniest standup comedians who have played at stage comedy venues such as: The Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, and Haha Café.


These comedians included:


Comedian, Roger Rodd

Comedian, Chris Neff

Comedian, Josh Calvin

Comedian, Mark Anthony Williams

Comedienne, Adria Rossi

Comedian,  Brian Fisher

Humorist Writers, Tiffni Wegmann and Tracie Silvers.



How will a sports-themed animation be received by potential sponsors?


Like live-action sports—with enthusiasm!


We recently spoke with the Marketing Director of the Nike Corporation and head of Product Placement division.  Nike responded with “...this show is fresh and exciting” and asked us to get back with Nike as soon as the animated series   receives distribution.



Whose Distribution do we intend on soliciting?


21st Century Fox Television, ESPN/ABC Sports, Spike TV, HBO. Adult Swim, BBC, TBS, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, MTV, Google, Amazon.



What are the costs?


We have acquired collaborative interest and quotes from some of Hollywood’s best animation studios.


Cost: $450,000--$800,000 per 22-minute epi.







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